I have to apologize to the serverfault community for a few things:

First, we’ve been really, really busy around the offices of Stack Exchange, and we’ve just not had a good amount of time to write blog posts.  Luckily, now that we’ve added a new Systems Administrator, Mr. Bart Silverstrim (http://serverfault.com/users/13647/bart-silverstrim) we might have some time for posts more often.

Secondly, we’d like to sincerely apologize for taking Bart from the ServerFault community.  I’m sure with all the coffee he’ll be fetching, there will be little time for him to increase his already sizable 25k reputation (and give me time to catch up with him.)

All joking aside, we are very pleased that Bart is joining our team; he’s not only a very smart admin (which his serverfault profile will prove), he’s also a great guy to be around.

So, WELCOME SERVERFAULT VALUED ASSOCIATE #0000004!  May you not crash the blogs with large images.


Bart Silverstrim's Photo

Bart, modeling his Server Fault tee shirt

  1. Wesley David says:

    You forgot to apologize for not having Bart pose with a semi-automatic rifle.

    Oh, and hello Bart. Nice to have you as an overlord. May your reign be malevolent.

  2. Dan Taylor says:

    As I said in Chat, congrats on the new job – I’m sure you’ll make a really valued associate over at Stack Exchange :)

  3. Bart Silverstrim says:

    I may have to take malevolency lessons from Voretaq… :-)

  4. Wesley David says:

    When Voretaq does damage, it’s in the form of long lasting, multi-generational psychological trauma.

  5. Aaron Copley says:


  6. Ward says:

    I thought the rifle was standard issue during SE orientation?

  7. Peter Grace says:

    Rumor has it that some of the community was less-than-happy with gun photos.

  8. Wesley David says:

    People are strange.

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