We’ve been doing a lot of talking about some of the growing pains we have been having with our database server. And how we are going to deal with it. Well we will be moving Stack Overflow’s database to its own hardware this Friday (2011-03-11).


2011-03-11 9:00pm Eastern (2011-03-12 02:00 UTC)


To Make everything MORE AWESOME


2 new Dell R710′s

  • 2x Intel Xeon Processor X5680 3.33 GHz
  • 96GB of RAM
  • 6 Intel X25-E SSD’s in a RAID 10

What will this mean?

First, we will be putting Stack Overflow into Read Only mode again for the maintenance – just like we did when we went down the Oregon trail. Once the migration is complete, Stack Overflow will be on its own DB pair, and can run free, and the rest of the Stack Exchange sites don’t have to contend with the Megalopolis for database time, making them MORE AWESOME as well.

  1. thing2k says:

    2011-04-11 02:00 UTC? Don’t you mean 2011-03-12 02:00 UTC?

  2. George Beech says:

    No, the date rolls over at 00:00 so when you convert from 9pm EST (21:00 EST) to 2am UTC you pass midnight and the date rolls over for UTC, but not EST.

    GAH SORRY … yes he was right, I had the month/day swapped. fixed the post

  3. Heathhunnicutt says:

    April 11th or March 12th? You obviously mean March 12.

  4. Jeff Dion says:

    I think that what Thing2k was mentionning is the month change in UTC time

  5. Ross Smith says:

    2011-04-11 02:00 UTC? Don’t you mean 2011-03-11 02:00 UTC?

  6. Daniel Hilgarth says:

    I guess, it should be 2011-03-12 02:00 UTC

  7. Lenin Raj says:

    How long the migration activity is going to happen?

  8. Vikas Patidar says:

    Awesome man !!! Keep going on as well as keep growing on.

  9. Nobody says:


  10. Robert says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Dates are hard.

  12. Sam says:

    hoe many more hours we have from NOW?

  13. dforck42 says:

    Is Brent O helping with the move?

  14. Edward Ishaq says:

    They used to come up on many searches I did but not any more now that we have stackoverflow and the rest …

  15. Ben Blank says:

    That’s what I love about the StackExchange community — even the grammar/spelling “trolls” are polite and helpful. :-)

  16. Oliver Caldwell says:

    Looks like this will be one hell of a boost :D


  17. Hydroxic-Acid says:


  18. Chris says:

    Disqus was so crappy 1 year ago, now the entire internet uses it.

    Anyway…I think a stackoverflow question – bounty 1000 – to build a custom database just for the SO format (open source’d obviously) would be an interesting idea. Even if you never implement it, the potential there is big

  19. glenneroo says:

    They also used to not be such douchebags and only required a (free) login to read answers. Now they require you to pay to even see any answers, unless you were one of the few who contributed x-thousand answers.

  20. Louis Waweru says:

    …answers per month.

  21. asaikali says:

    nice, machines what database server do you run? It would be great to know what technologies and platform the stackoverflow uses.

  22. Guest says:

    …or know to press End and just read it for free.

  23. Gareth says:

    …but only if you’ve clicked through from a Google search result.

  24. EJB says:

    With the new version of chrome (released yesterday), you can block a site from showing up in your future google searches – experts-exchange was the very first one I blocked – finally.

  25. Drachenstern says:

    let’s go shopping?

  26. artmasa says:

    ASP.NET MVC and I guess SQL Server

  27. nikic says:

    That’s nothing to do with Chrome. That’s a Google feature. It’ll work in every newer browser.

  28. Travis says:

    What makes SO so unique that it would require a custom solution?

  29. Chris says:

    Have a look at the schema, most of the data is a page in SQL Server

  30. Ben Sapp says:

    RAID 5 is MORE AWESOME than RAID 10 for solid state drives.

  31. George Beech says:

    Already went shopping :)

  32. George Beech says:

    We actually just published a post about the technologies we use: http://blog.serverfault.com/post/stack-exchanges-architecture-in-bullet-points/

    Every now and again we’ll update everyone in that style, but if you keep reading here you can keep up on what we are doing.

    But to answer your question Stack Exchange uses the Windows stack, so we use MSSQL Server.

  33. George Beech says:

    As usual he gave us a ton of help on the planning and checked our work.

  34. Javier Gonel says:

    Does that configuration do failover without the hassle of a SAN/NAS?

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