Craig Peterson joined us back in February. We neglected to announce him in a timely manner because we’re horrible people. That’s OK though, as he’s now one of us.

In contrast to the rest of the SRE team, Craig’s superpowers come in the form of development. He’s been focused on making our homegrown monitoring system, Bosun, better than all of the monitoring systems that have or will ever exist. As Bosun is open source, you can practically hover over Craig’s shoulder and watch his day to day work. In fact, I encourage you to. I’m sure Craig won’t mind in the least.

Craig hails from the state of Utah, making him our second Utahn (or Utahan) member of the SRE team.


Mark Henderson joins us from the nation of OZ. He has regaled us with tales of drop bears and his strong feelings about the suitability of Foster’s as a consumable liquid.

He has relocated nearly ten-thousand miles away to our New York office, and as such will finally get a slight taste of how December should feel. On the plus side, he will no longer have to contend with a smorgasbord of creatures which actively campaign to wipe out the human race.

Mark has also served as a Server Fault moderator since 2011, and has acquired quite a bit of rep in service of the community.

Please join me in welcoming Craig and Mark to the Site Reliability Engineering team!