Server Fault now has it’s own meta site at The idea of the meta site is that it is a place for people who participate on Server Fault to talk about the functioning of the site and the community itself. In the past if you wanted to talk about Server Fault you could do it on Stack Overflow’s meta but in general our system administration specific concerns were quickly buried by those of the larger original Stack Overflow site for programmers. If you are curious about the details of these per-site metas you can read more on the Stack Overflow blog.

I am excited about this new site because I believe as it gains traction it is going to help the community define itself. Server Fault has grown over the past year and has grown to a point where it is ready for the community to take ownership of itself. There has already been a question about how Server Fault appeals to professionals vs. administrators who are just starting out. This new place provides an opportunity for the dedicated members of the community to have conversations they feel address our specific concerns in creating an even better site for professional system administrators to get answers to their questions, become better system administrators, and form a great system administration community.