I am excited to announce that Stack Overflow is doubling the size the of the sysadmin team. We have picked up another member of the community and that member is George Beech. The regular users of Server Fault probably know him as Zypher:

Server Fault profile for Zypher

From looking at George’s answers on Server Fault and chatting with him in the Server Fault chat rooms I can tell you that George is a very knowledgeable sysadmin and also a cool guy that I am pumped to start working with. On Server Fault I have seen questions about server to admin ratios. I tend to agree that you can not prescribe a number. However, for a company with a popular web site I say at least two. I think all sysadmins should have a sysadmining buddy. Also between trying to exemplary sysadmins, writing blog posts, supporting employees, and dealing with the problems such as attacks on your website being a solo sysadmin is not ideal. Having two sysadmins is probably the most important place to have redundancy in your infrastructure. Lastly, a second person as great as George is going to provide all sorts of ideas and experience beyond what I could come up with.

So congratulations George, I look forward to our adventure!