Just a quick note, we have moved blog.serverfault off of the Tumblr platform and onto a WordPress based self-hosted solution. And, no this has nothing to do with the outage that recently happend. We had been wanting to do this for a while, the outage just made us re-prioritize things.

I know we have been a little lacking in the posts recently, but this will change soon. We have been very busy working hard to make the Stack Exchange network better, stronger, and faster. I promise we will have more insightful posts coming soon!

  • Richard Gadsden

    You “had been wanted”????

    • They had been wanted. By WordPress. Made sense to me. 😉

      • Or it had been making sense to you.

    • Absolutely … dang these short posts always the most dangerous due to the skipping of the peer review stage 🙂

      Thanks for the catch I’ve updated the post

  • Full post in RSS would be awesome (as it was before the migration !). Now there are just some excerpts

  • @Julien: I noticed that too and I am a bit confused because wordpress is set to the full feed. If you change your subscription address to http://blog.serverfault.com/feed/ it gives the full contents.

  • Markness

    Just a small note that the RSS feed for the blog only inclueds a slug, not the full post. I don’t know if you can change that, but it would be great if you could as I use Google Reader for all my reading updates.

    Secondly, the comments take a really long time to load, without any indication that they’re loading. I thought they might have been broken…