Server Maintenance

George Beech

I am going to be doing a bit of DB maintenance tonight at 9PM Eastern. The sites will be down for about an hour while I do a couple of upgrades to our primary database hardware:

  1.  Add 32 GB of RAM to the server to bring it up to 96GB of RAM
  2. Run Firmware updates for the RAID card
  3. Update the RAID Card Driver firmware

The Trilogy and SE sites will be down for about an hour while I do this work. If the outage is going to last longer than that I will update this post.

Also, sorry for not posting this earlier — I’ll try to get these notifications up sooner than an hour before work is scheduled to start in the future.

  • confirmed, looks good — thanks for getting this done. 50% more memory for the database FTW!

  • Farseeker

    Do you do some sort of pre-caching to ensure that the sites run as quickly as they usually do once they come back online? 96Gb is a reasonable amount of cache to populate, although I’m guessing that it fills up pretty quick given the amount of traffic you do.

    • Nah we don’t do anything special. we just start hitting it ourselves, normally takes about 5 mins or so to get the cache to a point where you can’t really any latency on the page load.