This Saturday, August 6th starting at 3pm EDT (19:00 UTC) we will be taking our sites offline for maintenance. We are aiming to keep the downtime to about one to four hours. Should we need to extend this window I will post updates on this post.

During this window we are going to be patching our database servers. We are also migrating our servers to a new AD domain so we have everything under a consistent naming structure.

  • For those not in North America, I believe that time is 19:00 UTC.

    • Graeme Donaldson

      somebody buy this man a beer! 🙂

  • do you mean Aug 6th?

    • Anonymous

      Shouldn’t write blog posts first thing in the morning… Thanks for pointing that out — it is fixed.

      • sdflkjsadlfj Wsdjfasdf

        perhaps you may want to consider writing it after, say a couple of beers 😉 that will settle down the dates format for all 😉 😀 😛 😉

  • Saturday is August 6th…

  • UC

    I’m Nigerian. What’s that in GMT? I’m lazy.

    • UC

      Ok it’s 8PM.

    • UC

      Ok it’s 8PM.

  • For those not in North America, the date is the 6th August, not the 8th June.

    • That would be a very far-in-advance warning indeed. 🙂 “Everyone beware, 10 months from now we’ll be updating our system…”

    • Aaron Bertrand

      You mean USA. The Canadians also suspect that this is an old post because 8/6 is in the past.

  • We need a StackExchange methadone program that we can enroll in. I can feel the delerium tremens already.

    • Jscott

      Like a “crack exchange” program?

      • Srgloureiro

        If you overdo the “crack exchange” you may generate a “crack overflow” 😛

  • Roger.

  • regex

    It would be clearer if the date was in ISO date format, ie 2011-08-06.

    • Nicola Musatti

      i.e. the twentieth of November of the sixth year of Charlemagne’s reign?

  • Mike Vanderkley

    It would be clearer if the message included … “and that is in 4 hours and 30 minutes”. People are visiting from around the world.

  • Stefan Kendall

    This outage is unacceptable. I demand a refund.

    • It would help to put the link in the banner on “8/6 19:00 UTC”.

      • 8/6? We’re well past the 8th of June now, you know.


  • daemon_x

    As I’ve read all the comments about time, wouldn’t be easier to display on the pages countdown label next time ?

  • Bryan Hobson

    Closing this maintenance window as too localised. Consider using a relative time (e.g. ‘in 2 hours’) to avoid confusion due to time zones and date formats.

    • daemon_x

      Exactly one comment below I said the same 🙂

  • Suraj Chandran

    good damn hell..4 hours… i will die out of boredom ;(

  • James Poulson

    Would there be anything preventing you from having a (static?) message remain on all StackExchange sites to redirect to messages like these?

  • Ajay_0162

    what will be the time in IST . I am from India

    • Suraj Chandran

      Hint: IST is GMT+5:30 🙂

    • Google is up, right?

  • TheDarkLord

    Hi i am user TheDarkLord registerd in stackoverflow but i can’t login to me account any more because i user to login but is down so i there is no way to enter my user name and password to log in what should i do ???

    • CrackerJack9

      The site is down for maintenance, you have to wait with the rest of us :/ …

    • Set up an alternate OpenID (possibly even with Stackexchange themselves) and then try visiting (when it comes back) and ask there, or email the team  (, from memory) and ask them to merge your account, or to add your new OpenID to your account, so that you can log in.

      Or, obviously, if it’s just that Stackoverflow is down then you’ll have to wait. Sigh. With the rest of us.


  • Could we please get rid of the crazy American date style on the announcement? 8/6 is the 8th of June.


    • SE, Inc is a crazy American company. Deal with it 😉

    • Warhelmut

      One man’s religion is another man’s belly laugh, Tim.

  • daemon_x

    You were serious ? How could you 🙂

  • “… minute 34 of the outage. The twitching is becoming unbearable, but at least the voices are keeping me company. My rationality is slipping fast. I’m starting to consider opening the front door. Someone, anyone… help me.”

    • daemon_x

      … minute 74, I’m getting serious feeling that there’s something behind SO, something like internet or how to call it. I’m going to explore it …

      • UC

        … 83, Its just a few hours, go to facebook, twitter or something.

        • I NEED IT!

          • CrackerJack9


          • daemon_x

            … minute 144, Stack is on the flow 🙂

  • Dor “The Configurator” Kleiman

    There should be a button on the offline page saying “please notify me when the horror is finished” that would email you when the site is back up.

    • Geek1234567

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • ascanio borga

    jon skeet can answer question even if SO is down

  • Marlene

    wish 1 to 4 hrs was all it amoumted to, mine has been down for 12hrs so far, getting withdrawal symptoms

  • hm cool. hope this speeds up the site a bit

  • CrackerJack9

    over 90 minutes in..said half an hour yesterday…now aiming for 4 hours, yikes!

  • FrLi

    Gosh, I need to browse SO using Google’s Cache now…

  • dario-g

    What so long? It’s dangerous. SO clones are just behind 😉

  • Hasn’t it been almost 70 minutes now?

  • Billy Moon

    At least I can still access MOST of stack overflow from google’s cache. Just not the more recent stuff 🙁