An update on Sandy

Nick Craver

We’re still up and running in Oregon, and have powered down all services in our New York datacenter at 75 broad.

While we’re not actually running anything out of the datacenter, here’s what’s happening:

After our last update the Peer1 datacenter continues to stay online any way they can.  When Sandy hit, their basement fuel store was contaminated and the pumps necessary to get it up 17 stories to the generator went offline.  Since then employees from several companies hosted there have shown up and continue fueling the generator via bucket brigade.

Our sister company Fog Creek has many hands down there right now, you can follow their status updates here.  Squarespace is in the exact same boat as well, you can see their updates here.

The concern has been fuel supply to carry upstairs, as I’m writing this a truck has pulled up and the barrels are filling.  Several of those companies with people on the ground have been fetching fuel from gas stations for the past few hours.

While this is happening the basement is being pumped out so that the facility can be repaired and grid power restored.  We don’t have an ETA at this time.

We’ll try and post an update in a few hours.

  • David White

    This is fascinating…. Thanks for the update. I’m glad the fail over to Oregon was successful (kudos to you guys for the successful test just a week or two ago, which I followed). But this situation in New York… THAT is fascinating on so many levels.

  • My hats are off to all of those involved in this. The dedication being put in to keep not only Stack Exchange up and running, but thousands of other websites and services (including my company’s services) is outstanding. This is a new kind of hero!

  • I haven’t been following along – was this lucky timing or was the fail over testing due to Sandy?